Saturday, 10 September 2011

Common types of Automobile accidents

Unfortunately, a number of automobile accidents happen every year in Los Angeles. Such vehicle accidents cause serious physical injuries, mental disturbance and property damages that make you spend a good amount to recover your losses. You can file a personal injury claim with the help of a professional personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles if you or your loved ones have been involved in a vehicle accident and receive serious injuries. But, before taking any legal action, it is better to know more about the type of automobile accidents in order to file the right claim.

Head-on Collisions

Most of the time, a victim receives serious injuries due to a head-on collision. It occurs when two vehicles driving in opposite direction crash into each other.

Read- end collisions

The rear-end collision occurs when one vehicle hits another vehicle from behind. The most common situation for this collision is when a car slows down and the driver of the car behind him is not paying attention and slams into the back of the car. Whiplash is the common result of rear-end collisions.

Side-impact Collision
Also called as T-bones, happen when one car hits another one in the side. It is one of the serious and often fatal accidents.

Multi-car Collisions

Multi-car collision commonly starts with two cars, but results in many cars becoming involved. Such accident occurs when weather is not favorable. Two cars get involved in an accident and other cars that are unable to control the speed in last time create a chain of multiple cars crashing.

Single-auto Accidents

Single-auto accidents involve hitting something else instead of a vehicle, for instance, a person, property or object.

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