Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Important FAQs about Car Accident Cases

If you have been involved in a car accident you should take help of car accident lawyers in Los Angeles. The car accident lawyers Los Angeles often come across some questions that are asked frequently by people. Those questions and their respective answers are given below.

What should one immediately do after a car accident?

Whether the accident has resulted in some injury or not you should contact the police immediately. Call 911 to get police on accident site.

I am not feeling hurt. Should I still see the doctor?

Yes, you should see the doctor whether you are injured or not. Some injuries or pains occur after a day or two. The doctor will examine you thoroughly and will tell you about any possible injuries.

Which information should I collect after an accident?

You should note down the contact details like address, phone number etc of the other party.

Which lawyer should I contact?

It is advised to contact an LA car crash lawyer. A lawyer who particularly handles the car accident cases will have ample knowledge of car accident laws and he will guide you correctly for the accident lawsuit.

Can you tell me what my case is worth?

As every car accident case is different the answer of this question will vary. An LA car accident attorney will scrutinize your case and will tell you about all the possible damages and the compensation you deserve.

I was not wearing a seat belt during the accident. Am I still eligible to recoup damages?

Again, the answer for this question might vary because each state has its own laws on this issue. A Los Angeles car crash lawyer possesses in-depth knowledge of laws and he will tell you what and how to do in this condition.

Do I need to go to court for filing a personal injury claim?

If the offender party agrees to pay you the compensation amount that your lawyers says is right than obviously things can get settled outside the court. But on the contrary you need to attend a trial proceeding if the party at fault doesn’t agree on the deserving amount suggested by your lawyer.

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