Friday, 27 April 2012

Dog Bite Laws In Los Angeles

A dog bite can be a painful experience for anybody and the entire family of the victim can get traumatized because of it. The canine attacks are not only physically challenging but they are emotionally challenging too as the sufferer and his kin go through a very agonizing time.

However, there is provision of recouping compensation for personal injury on the basis of negligence theory in every state but otherwise the dog bite law differs from state to state in USA. Basically, this law is dichotomized into law which strictly holds the owner liable for canine attack delinquent of earlier knowledge of the owner and into law which holds the owner liable only if he knew about the miscreant behavior of the dog. 

There is strict liability Dog Bite Attorney Los Angeles, California while some other places like NY or Texas do not support the statutory strict liability. The Los Angeles dog bite law says that the dog owner is responsible for that person’s damages who has been bitten by the owner’s dog either in a public or private place, lawfully. These places also include the owner’s property. The law regulates the same liability for the pet-owner regardless of the fact that whether the victim was there on the personal property of owner by invitation, was passing by or just came by there for any other reason. 

When it comes to dog bite law, the “one bite rule” should also be explained. The one bite rule is observed by several states in US. But LA, California does not follow this rule. The one bite rule protects the dog-owner from liability if the dig has attacked the victim for the first time and has not attacked or bitten anyone in the past. The rule is also known as the first bite free rule. But as I said earlier, California does not follow this first bite free rule.

If you have been bitten by a dog in Los Angeles you are entitled to claim a compensation for your damages. You have the legal right to file a lawsuit against the dog owner. The La Dog Bite Attorney of Beverly Law Firm can provide the best legal representation for your canine attack or bite case. These dog bite lawyers will guide you thoroughly in filing the lawsuit and will support you on every step till a just judgment is received. Contacting a Beverly Law Firm lawyer can give you the right compensation which you deserve for your damages.